.. Gherasiova Natalia

Love that is always with you.

Ode to Bakhmull
by Natalia Gherasiova
Welcome to Our World,
Another World
The world of wonders.


This world is amazing,
Full of tenderness and sympathy,
Faithfulness and respect,
Affection and all penetrating love.

It is radiant and beautiful,
It gives humans happiness and self- confidence,
It is a resting-place for a wanderer.
It brings a smile of cognition to a childs face,
It gives a sense of delight to a woman,
It gives realization of his power to a man.
This world reveals perfection of forms to an artist,
It gives condolence to the moaning in sorrow,
It providesa loser with support,
It gives a foothold to a sick man,
It inspires a despondent with a desire to keep living.

Oriental mountain sighthound Bakhmull favours
People with this world of wonders.
It was the first to come to rescue to
A man hiding in caves.
It helped a man to survive after the Deluge,
It rescued humans against wild beasts,
Brought him over to a dale,
Showed him rivers and seas.

It kept him warm in caves,
Guarded his peace and quiet, dwelling and sheep.
Life-asserting, majestic and courageous
It inspired a human with confidence in his power.
It helped a cave man to become a Human
Because itLOVEDhim.

This is an ancient Asiatic tazi.
It came out of another world.
No one is able.
To apprehend this world completely.
It manifests a life that means a freedom.
It dominates in its world
Because it loves freedom,
And claims with majesty about it.
It never imposes its freedom on a human being
Just asks a man for a piece of freedom.
It is patient and humble with a man
Because a man is like God in its world.
It glorifies a man by its own generosity.

It offers a man to rise even higher
To become equal to the Humans world.
A man going together with
The noble proud companion
Strives to Heavens,
Sometimes retreats but knows for sure that
He will always be supported by the true friend
And he rises again to communicate withAnother World
Because this world consists of LOVE only,

The Love that is always with you

Despite what kind of way the Man has chosen as
Beeing granted a a freedom of choice by God.


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